A bit about myself

Born and raised in a northeast coastal city in China called Yantai, I am now a Research Technician, at the CHOP Microbiome Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in Philadelphia.

Prior to moving to the “city of brotherly love”, I attended Gettysburg College at Gettysburg, PA, a town famous for President Abraham Lincoln’s notorious Gettysburg Address. In May 2017, upon graduation from my Alma Mater, I received my degree of Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a Minor in Studio Art.


Skyline of my home city from the sea. Yantai, China.

For the most part of my undergraduate career, I was a young, dogged researcher working with Dr. Ryan Kerney in the Biology Department. With Kerney, I traveled across the Pacific Northwest, waded through cold-watered local ponds, worked around the clock on the lab bench. Our goal was to unveil the secrets behind the symbiosis—living together between two or more organisms—of spotted salamander and green algae.

My research experience has not only taught me how to use the microscope or how to culture cells, but more importantly, it has made me realize the information gap between scientists and the general public, who are not in the front-line of science.

Therefore, here I am. With my blog, I hope to promote science education and bring the public’s awareness to science!

Want to get in touch with me? Feel free to email me at zhanghuanjia9@gmail.com!