Science is for everyone.

Hello, this is Huanjia Zhang.

I believe sharing makes science better.

With the passion to communicate science with everyone – not only my science friends, but literally, everyone – around me, I started this website as the home for me to post blogs about science findings and experience that are interesting and worth sharing.

I cover about all sorts of things about science. From my own research studies to the current ground-breaking findings; from bacteria to animals; and from some snapshots of the science life in the lab and field. So…, if you are looking for some”sciency” spice for your everyday life, you come in the right place!

Let me be your science interpreter.

English is not my first language. Even now, I can still remember the pain and frustration I used to have for not being able to understand conversations that seemed very easy for native English speakers. Unfortunately, for many people who lack a science background, science can be as hard to understand as a foreign language. However, science is always for everyone and it’s just not fair to stop people from learning about science just because it is hard to understand; isn’t it? Therefore, on my website, no matter if/how much science background you have, as long as you like science, I’ve got you covered! I will try my best to explain science for you in a way that everyone can understand.

Welcome to the website!

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